Did you notice the anemometer on the Tower ?

The PRO Anemometer lost it's cups to Hurricane Ike at 140 mph

and has been replace. Debris and not wind destoyed it.


KØKS has used a Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2000

for 10 reliable years but upgraded to the Ultimeter

2100 for better data output.


The UltiMeter 2100 has much improved and cool backlighting.


The RS-232 serial data feeds a PC running Weatherview 32 version 8

a powerful WX logger and graphics program.

With Santa Fe, TX real-time weather available on this site.

Here's the custom display I use:

RFI has never been a problem from 160M thru 3/4M including 1 1/4M and it's QRO on HF too.

No bypassing or filtering has been done but station and system grounding has been robust. The data

output could be used for packet or internet reporting. This system is in the $600 price range but it will

last a long time.